Troy Henry Solution to Economic Growth

For too long New Orleans has been a tale of two cities. New Orleans is recognized worldwide for great food, history, and culture. And as Mayor, we will continue to support our largest industry…Tourism. However, poverty in our Black community is at an all-time and unacceptable high. It is the true root cause of the public safety problem that exist in New Orleans today. My plan is to expand the job opportunities for our great city allowing more residents to earn a true living wage.

My goal as Mayor is to add 40,000 new good-paying jobs to New Orleans through aggressive recruiting of Fortune 1000 companies. We will become a Global Jobs City by incentivizing companies to relocate to New Orleans, via a customized value proposition, and overhauling the training of our citizens so that they are prepared to take on the jobs of the future. The corporate recruitment process will be extensive and unprecedented in the history of New Orleans. Unlike any of my opponents, I have significant experience recruiting companies and structuring value propositions for Fortune 1000 companies. It can be done and will be done under my administration on behalf of the citizens of New Orleans.

Now imagine a City with a rich cultural heritage, the world’s best food and architecture, and now a thriving job market where our best and brightest can stay in New Orleans and have a fulfilling career. Our children and grandchildren will no longer have to move to another city for employment. It’s what we all want…And I’m uniquely qualified to deliver!

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