Troy Henry Addresses the August 5th, 2017 Flood

For Immediate Release:
NEW ORLEANS, LA, August 7th, 2017
A Statement on the Flooding in New Orleans on August 5th 2017

“As a former senior executive and operator of multiple cities’ Water, Wastewater and subsurface infrastructure, and as a Mayoral candidate, I have had an opportunity to review some of the public officials’ statements regarding the massive flooding that impacted numerous areas of our great City. I found a series of officials refusing to take responsibility for their irresponsible management of the current system.
The officials stated that the “pumps were working and that the flooding was unavoidable due to the volume of rain”. They have failed to address the most important complement to the system pumps – the collection network.

The collection network has not been maintained! Just ask yourself or your neighbor, “When was the last time you saw a catch basin cleared/cleaned in your neighborhood” or “When was the last time you saw the collection system cleared?”
This is the basis for the flooding that occurred in certain low-lying areas of the city. Normal protocol is to “over-maintain” the most vulnerable areas due to their susceptibility to flooding. Poor maintenance of the pre-pump system is critical to minimizing flood damage.

As Mayor and President of the Sewer and Water Board, I will make certain that all aspects of the S&WB subsurface infrastructure are properly tested and maintained as part of the necessary city-wide performance management system. The Board that I will appoint will have a detailed knowledge of these systems and best practice performance management systems.
Under my leadership, New Orleans will no longer be a “settle for” City, and settling for these provided explanations given earlier will no longer be acceptable.

Troy Henry
Mayoral Candidate City of New Orleans

Contact: Oliver Thomas

Photo Credit WGNO