Pursuing Amazon Level Companies

New Orleans needs to make its case as the ideal home for Amazon’s new headquarters.

Just recently Amazon announced that it is looking for a second home. Over the next ten to fifteen years, it would bring 50,000 high paying jobs. Amazon will spend over $5 Billion in development costs, and the total economic impact could add $7.6 Billion to our economy. Amazon is looking for ultimately 8,000,000 sq ft., and we have the perfect location: New Orleans East.

For too long, New Orleans administrations have not aggressively recruited corporations to locate here. This type of recruitment opportunity should be approached with the same fervor and seriousness as we have used to attract Super Bowls and All-Star games. Amazon headquarters would provide even better economic results for the City; exactly the type of target I will be pursuing as Mayor. In the meantime, I am asking Governor John Bel Edwards and Mayor Landrieu to aggressively pursue Amazon and tell them our story of resilience and determination. New Orleans is a great fit for Amazon, and we should not let this opportunity pass.

Vote Troy Henry #41