Political Issues Facing the Sewerage & Water Board

The heart of the problem is not only with the S&WB organization or its management – the fault lies at the feet of the current Mayor. 7+ years of Landrieu leadership have devastated the organization and destroyed employee morale and motivation.
• As Chairman of the SWB, Mayor Landrieu chose to pursue a political agenda over public service or even competence. He hand-picked a Board with a political orientation and no technical/industry experience.
• Early in his term, Mayor Landrieu announced that he was conducting a nationwide search for an executive director, claiming the need for the best. He passed over an experienced executive from New Orleans, Robert Miller, and chose a “safe” known quantity in Cedric Grant. Look how that turned out.
• Failing to make good on a promise to “hire the best” only destroys employee morale and begets mediocrity. This is just one more example of an organizational culture of dishonesty and deceit that sets a bad example for the rank and file. Every employee at S&WB knew that Miller was qualified and Grant was not.
• After the flooding in early August, Mayor Landrieu found $500,000 for a “root cause analysis” of the flooding. He didn’t already know? No one in the system knew?
• The Mayor had time to go to Aspen, but not to ever inspect the S&WB system.

Mistakes of this order are grounds for immediate dismissal. In the private sector, a Board Chair responsible for this level of failure would do the honorable thing and get out of the way.

The Political Solution

On the job training is costly and will erode public confidence. None of the other candidates for mayor have ever directly managed more than 30 people at a time, much less have any technical understanding of water operations.

The changes that we need at the SWB cannot and will not be made unless New Orleans elects a Mayor with the knowledge and skill and determination to make them. I want to be your next Mayor.
• I have experience running large complex organizations.
• I have experience with performance management and accountability systems.
• I have experience – and technical knowledge – of water systems.
• I will implement best practices across the organization, and hold department heads accountable for results.

Although I do not have political machine endorsement/support, I do have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Don’t let these outside influences take over and run your government with their agendas.

Vote Troy Henry for Mayor!

About Troy Henry: Born and raised in New Orleans. I have lived in other places, and I could live and work anywhere in the world, but I am proud to call New Orleans my home.

By training and experience, I am an engineer. I have a total of 3 bachelors and master’s degrees in engineering, from Stanford University and Carnegie-Mellon University. One of my early assignments at Hewlett-Packard was designing cardiac medical detection devices. Later on, at IBM Federal Services, I worked on the design of sonar and weapon systems for the Los Angeles Class attack submarines. At IBM Global Services, I managed high availability fault-tolerant solutions for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. At EES, I ran an entire organization devoted to providing critical industrial power systems solutions. These systems had to work, all the time, whenever the situation demanded it. They did. In short, for most of my career I have created practical solutions to real problems in the physical world.

At United Water, I was the President of the largest private water utility in the USA. We managed drinking water supply, storm-water and wastewater treatment systems for cities across the country, including Atlanta GA, Jacksonville FL, and Laredo TX.

I am also the owner of a home flooded by Katrina, and of a business flooded just recently by the storms of August 5th. Inadequate planning and service from the City and the Sewerage and Water Board affected me personally

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